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***The Beatru Chronicles*** (Chapter 1~The Clearing) - PSP34

December 06, 2020 Thomas Mitchell, Paxton Stanley & JS Blue Season 2 Episode 17
Planet Storytime Podcast
***The Beatru Chronicles*** (Chapter 1~The Clearing) - PSP34
Show Notes

Welcome back to Planet Storytime for a new podcast!

We are happy to present the first chapter in our new original serial, The Beatru Chronicles, written by JS Blue. 

Beatru is a 9 year old girl who is just like any other 9 year old.   She has a big brother who she adores, she loves lemonade and her favorite band, Sun Tribe 7.  One day she awakens to find herself in a strange new place with mind-boggling challenges that will push her into often quick and hard decisions, each with consequences.    Although she is only 9 years old, Beatru is a brave and adventerous child who uses her intellect and wittiness to navigate challenges with as much strength and grace as possible.    Her journeys will take us many places on a huge, epic stage.   We truly hope you enjoy her story as much as we have enjoyed making it!

We will leave the rest of the details to Thomas Mitchell and Pax Stanley who deliver another stellar podcast episode.

This is our first project with JS Blue, a longtime friend of TM Ganim.

- This episode dives straight into the story, bypassing our usual introduction and breathing exercise

- We will continue to occasionally produce more traditional PSP-style stories for our younger fans while maintaining a primary focus on the serial model of storytelling

Please submit any questions, comments, etc., to [email protected]   And thank you for your patience as PSP34 took a few weeks longer than anticipated to publish.   We do anticipate a much speedier publication schedule in 2021.

We also hope you enjoy The Beatru Chronicles!   Thank you for your continued, growing support!   We look forward to a big 2021 with all of you!

The PSP Team

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